Friday, January 3, 2014


My photoshop pics of my legs I understand that they're not good. But this is what I'm gonna show the surgeon.

Thursday, January 2, 2014


Hiiii guys... This is Dani.. I'm trying to lose weight, and eventually have plastic surgery. I really wanna be the 'cute little "kawaii" girl' that looks like a doll. ((In this tense I use kawaii as... "pastel, doll-like, anime looking...etc."))  I know that the word 'kawaii(可愛い)' means 'cute' but here in America, people  use it differently sometimes.. I know its not correct, but its kind of explanatory. ANYWAYS...... Enough of my blabbering, I know a lot of anime characters and Japanese girls have 'Thigh Gaps', (aka Box Gaps). Like the  girl seen here.
Cute, Right?
So anyways,,, I'm also thinking of buying this outfit, Thoughts??? Comment!!!  -------- DaniChan       ✿❤◕‿✿